SwingTradr.com is a shared online and email based Swing Trading Discussion group.

Sometimes when trading you need to block out all the noise, from the TV, or Chat Rooms, Twitter and more. SwingTradr.com puts you back in full control of your online content and is meant to be an add-on, not a distraction. You can post your swing trades ideas to the list, others can comment on that idea and build a thread to that post. It is not like chat or twitter, messages arrive to your email or you view them online when you have time.

Ideas are meant to be shared and not just quick trades, since this is a swing trading group, we are looking to capture larger moves in the market, between 2 and 50 points over a day or weeks.

We trade mostly bigger names over $20 and mostly on the Nasdaq, high momentum names like GOOG, NFLX, AMZN, TSLA for example.

The cost to join is $9.95 USD per month and is easy to join. Once you join you will have an account, where you can decide how you want to view and read the online posts.
Start out with a two week free trial.

Read the group posts through email or the online interface once you are signed up.